The news: South Korea’s tragic ferry disaster has gripped international headlines for the past week as the world watched with bated breath to find out what happened. Though 159 bodies have been discovered by divers, another 143 still remain missing — and families and loved ones are hoping against hope that they are somehow still alive.

But on the other side of the world, 234 schoolgirls in Nigeria, ages 16 to 18, wereabducted two days before the South Korean incident. Armed men broke into a school in the northeastern city of Chibok, shot the guards and took the girls away while they were taking a physics exam. The attack has been linked to Boko Haram, a jihadist affiliate of al-Qaida.

So why haven’t we heard about it? Simply put, because the world has very different views on South Korea and Nigeria. One is among the richest countries in the world and a powerful Western ally with a high quality of life and strong international presence. The other is in Africa, where, you know, these things happen all the time — or so we’re led to believe.

"In Nigeria, the mass abduction of schoolgirls isn’t shocking," CNN claims. “No one knows where the missing girls are. And even more surprising, no one’s particularly shocked.”

Image Credit: Al-Jazeera

But that’s not true. Boko Haram, which is Hausa for “Western education is sinful,” is against the education of girls. Girls have been abducted in the past to serve as cooks or sex slaves — but a kidnapping of this size is unprecedented.

And despite what CNN might think, people aren’t simply giving up on the girls. Desperate family members and town residents have gone on the search, combing the Sambisa Forest, a known terrorist hangout, on motorcycles. The search parties have so far had some success, uncovering traces of the girls.

The government is not helping. According to the school, about 43 girls have already escaped their captors — no thanks to the authorities. ”None of these girls were rescued by the military; they managed to escape on their own from their abductors,” said schoolmaster Asabe Kwambura.

As recently as Monday, education authorities claimed that only 85 girls have gone missing, despite the families’ insistence that 234 were taken. The military even claimed at one point that they rescued all but eight girls — which they immediately retracted the following day.

Nigerian security officials insist they are in ”hot pursuit” of the abductors, but they’ve yet to find a single girl. ”It’s alarming that more than a week after these girls were abducted, there are not any concrete steps to get them back,” said Human Rights Watch’s Nigeria researcher Mausi Segun.

It’s a dangerous environment. Boko Haram has been on a rampage in recent months and on the same day as the girls’ abduction, the group claimed responsibility for a bombing in Abuja that killed 75. The terrorist group, which wants to establish an extremist Islamist state in northeastern Nigeria, has alreadykilled over 1,500 people this year.

But that does not mean we should look the other way when a tragedy like this takes place.

"The South Korean story has unfolded on camera, in a first-world country with every facility for news reporting. In contrast, the young Nigerians have vanished into the darkness of a dangerous world," Ann Perkins writes in the Guardian. "Nigeria is complex and messy and unfamiliar. It is easy to feel that what happens there is not real in the way that what happens on camera in South Korea is real."

The ugly truth is that when young lives are similarly at stake, we are more shocked when the danger takes place in a country that is considered stable and affluent — and less so in a country where violent insurgents are trying to take over.

But the media has a responsibility to report the truth rather than ignoring a story because it sounds familiar. It’s easy to become desensitized to stories coming out of a conflict-ridden region, but that doesn’t mean these human lives are worth any less.

Source: Eileen Shim for Policy Mic

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another another another tags to type and post the tag that comes up BUT! Supernatural version! ^.^

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Watch it in video

Ok I love this. As a mother people seriously DO NOT understand HOW hard it is. There are NO breaks, NO pay, and your bosses scream in your face, and puke & poo on you constantly. & that bitch laughing at the end… Don’t fucking laugh.. it’s the truth.

How do you know she isn’t a mother? Or is it totes cool to casually call her a bitch because you feel entitled for having shot something out of your vagina. Congratulations to you. 

as a mom i have to say that the bitch comment was unnecessary but i want you to put yourself in her shoes. maybe she hasn’t slept in over a day because her little shitpukers are sick and one of them has finally fallen asleep on her and she doesn’t dare move because they haven’t slept either and she can just reach her laptop so she’s scrolling through tumblr and she sees this gifset and the first thing she feels is relief that somebody finally understands how fucking hard this is to do every goddamn day and she gets down to end we can’t hear that women’s tone and to us it looks like she’s laughing and rolling her eyes because “don’t be silly! its not THAT hard” and that strikes you right in your chest and HURTS because its been impossible from the moment you held that squalling bundle and were expected to know what to do with it and your partner who goes to work in an air-conditioned office with a free coffee maker, an ergonomic chair, and a lunch break doesn’t understand why when they get home all the dishes aren’t done and the laundry isn’t all folded and put away and why there are toys everywhere and why the tv has been on all day and why there is food in the creases of the couch they don’t understand because they’ve never taken care of them for longer than an hour at a time, if you need to be away for longer than that the working parent takes them to their mother’s and lets her deal with them all day because its not their job its yours and god forbid you might want 10 minutes in the morning before they go to work so you can take a fucking shower because its been three days and you smell like moldy cheese and you just want to be clean again and on top of all this fucking shit…. you’re depressed and you have no time and no money to go see a doctor so everyday you look at the pile of work that just keeps piling up and it is SO FUCKING OVERWHELMING YOU JUST WANT TO SCREAM but one of the like shitpukers needs a diaper change and the other one is hungry so you keep going and you make sure that least the kids are alright because it doesn’t matter if you are you’re just a mom you can wait you can eat later you dont need sleep right now because as long as the kids are ok the other stuff can wait

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can i just shout out to the awesome members of the one direction fandom that i follow for consistently tagging? bc im not into them and i never see them on my dash so good job and thank you tagging your shit :D

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stop playing the victim. that’s not even a real instrument



It’s a fine day when the Hannibal fandom successfully freaks out the Supernatural fandom.

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The level of cool in these photos physically hurts me


crap i ship you two so hard now ;’(

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fuck I love the honeymoon phase of a new story

where every little detail I come up with is CAPSLOCK WORTHY because OMFG DEAN AS A HIGH-RISE WINDOW WASHER

I need to get jaded quick because I think I’m irritating people with my enthusiasm about stupid shit

don’t you dare! continue to enthuse please :D

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Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

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d’you ever just think about Dean in his 20’s running around behind his family’s backs to secretly bang dudes 'cause I sure do

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If you don’t think that what Derek Hale wants the most is a hot bath with a glass of red wine on the side and tightly knitted woollen socks and to find the book he’s been looking for is on sale and maybe a feral cat that hesitantly learns to like him and only him and peace and quiet on a sunday afternoon with the cat curled up against him while he’s reading the book

then let me tell you a thing

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im gonna love scott mccall enough for everyone who ignores him for the sake of stiles or derek 

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the four horseman of the apocalypse

i want 40 dobermans, i want my own pack


the four horseman of the apocalypse

i want 40 dobermans, i want my own pack

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Eat anything you want and if someone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too.

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Anonymous said:
i was going to argue you with you about the whole bottom!derek thing, because you seem to be under the impression that because you like it you're better than the people who don't, but then i realized it was irrelevant. nothing you have to say on the matter means anything to me because you're a sad, obsessive teen wolf blogger who has nothing better to do than sit and make dumb posts about this shitty show all day long. you must be so lonely and boring. how sad for you.





i thought really long and hard about whether or not i was gonna respond to this you know, because half of me is like “wow what a butthurt little baby, this shit ain’t worth my time” but i got shit to address so sit your ass down and shut the hell up

see i’ve been taking an AWFUL LOT OF SHIT about my bottom!derek love since august/september 2012 when i made the mistake of publishing a 40k long fic on AO3 that worked itself up to a big ole derek-takin-it-in-so-good scene at the end, and i’m tired of it.

see, i say “mistake” because what followed was MONTHS UPON AGONIZING MONTHS of people coming at me all “your fic was SO GOOD… until the last five thousand words” and “bottom!derek???? REALLY??? def won’t be recommending this fic, what a WASTE” and “tag your gross sexual kinks, some of us don’t want to read your shit” and “why on EARTH would derek EVER let stiles top him??”

hell, until i orphaned that goddamn fic a few months ago, i was STILL getting messages about it!!! ALMOST YEAR AND A HALF LATER! let me repeat that: people were so offended that i wrote stiles sticking his dick in derek’s butt that i was receiving abusive messages about it for sixteen months

and that was the risk people took to write bottom!derek, too, back then and sometimes, still even now. so, yeah, fandom inevitably criticized that culture. and, yeah, there was a backlash of bottom!derek positivity that i think we’re still experiencing now. every day fandom is less and less shitty towards me and people like me who prefer writing and reading bottom!derek (for whatever reason, you know, which, by the way, is different from person to person) but you motherfuckers must be outside your damn minds to be thinking that the fandom’s burgeoning appreciation of bottom!derek is anywhere near the prominence of bottom!stiles. 

trust me, i’m a bottom!derek connoisseur, i have TRAWLED the crevasses of this world to find this particular fav of mine, and while it’s popping up more and more these days, it’s still a minority preference in stiles/derek fanfiction!!!!!!!!! you are KIDDING yourselves if you think otherwise. you wanna find a good bottom!stiles fic? close your eyes, move your mouse around on AO3, and click. chances are pretty freaking good tha you’re gonna find something you like. 

and those of us who write bottom!derek? still CONSTANTLY getting comments like “next time have stiles bottom!” and “i wish this wasn’t bottom!derek though” and stupid, ABUSIVE fucking anon asks like this one here, comin at me like “how dare you think you’re better than me because you have this one opinion/preference in regards to two fictional dudes fucking” 

and, hey, you know what??? i AM better than you, but let me be clear: it’s got EVERYTHING to do with the fact that i have never in my life called someone sad or obsessive or lonely or boring for liking something they like?? never in my life have i tried so ruthlessly to shit down someone’s throat for something so goddamn INCONSEQUENTIAL. this ain’t about derek’s magnificent booty and all the delightful things i like to think he wants up there, so leave that out of it. 

this is about you and a bunch of your shitmongering peers thinking that because you feel threatened by a burgeoning fandom preference, you have the right to come at those of us who maybe don’t totally agree with you (because, hey, i am actually very into bottom!stiles, too, you know, i just don’t feel creatively inspired by it because i feel like that well’s running close to tapped at this point) with shit like this.

you can run and cry about this all you want but just remember you came at me like you had the goddamn right to make ANY assertions of my personality, time management, happiness, or character, and you need to back the fuck off, maybe walk around outside for about 30 seconds, then take a long hard look in the mirror because you’re getting salty at me about the fact that i am part of a minority who thinks derek’s got da booty and dat booty should be worshipped accordingly.

you’re a joke, your cause here is a joke, the fact that you’re this fucking offended because i edited a stock photo of a button i found on google images to say something that sort of said something about electing derek-hale-getting-fingered in 2014 is the biggest fucking joke on the face of the planet. get the fuck out of my face and off my goddamn fabulous blog and don’t you fucking dare try and shame someone again for liking a thing they like and indulge in when they’re trying to escape the shittiness of their own realities, you giant festering pussack.


I’m not usually one to spread wank, but reading this gave me a boner for bree, ngl.

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Warmer months are coming, and for some people, this means dresses! If you’re like me (fat, and a fan of cute dresses, but not always of bike shorts or leggings when it’s hot) you need this stuff. Put it between your thighs (or anywhere else you need it) and voilà, NO MORE CHUB RUB. It’s a miracle! Finally you too can go pantsless without the agony of a rash at the end of the day.

oh man if this works I am ALL FOR IT

Sweet Jesus I need to find this stuff

you can also use any non-gel, non-spray deodorant…




Warmer months are coming, and for some people, this means dresses! If you’re like me (fat, and a fan of cute dresses, but not always of bike shorts or leggings when it’s hot) you need this stuff. Put it between your thighs (or anywhere else you need it) and voilà, NO MORE CHUB RUB. It’s a miracle! Finally you too can go pantsless without the agony of a rash at the end of the day.

oh man if this works I am ALL FOR IT

Sweet Jesus I need to find this stuff

you can also use any non-gel, non-spray deodorant…

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